LFO Blender

New LFO Blender Control Voltage LV2 plugin


The CV-LFO-Blender is a plugin that has 4 LFOs. Each LFO has a parameter to select a waveform and a parameter to set a phase offset for each LFO independently. It has a global blend control to create a mix between the LFOs. The plugin has for 5 CV outputs, 1 for the LFO mix, and 4 for each LFO seperatly.

The plugin also has three CV inputs. One can be used to modulate the blend knob, one can be used to control the LFO frequency and the last can be used to reset the phase of the LFO’s.

The source code is available and can be found here.

Audio examples

Using the LFO Blender to modulate the filter frequency: